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A Collaboration platform to simplify Governance, Risk and Compliance processes for all stakeholders

The Discovery Platform

RISKflo Discovery™

The heart of RISKflo is the Discovery collaboration platform which enables genuine participation of risk stakeholders in a workshop. RISKflo applications are accessed through the Discovery platform. Applications currently released include RISKflo Engage, RISKflo Explore and RISKflo Declare. Applications for release in 2018 include RISKflo Control, RISKflo BIA, RISKflo IRP and RISKflo Profiler. Additional applications can be developed on request to address more specific partner requirements.

RISKflo Declare™

Simplifies and streamlines compliance, declaration and attestation processes.


Streamlines and standardises business impact analysis.

RISKflo Control™

Assesses the effectiveness of nominated controls.

RISKflo Explore™

Explore provides the facilitator unlimited flexibility to explore any number of risk related subjects such as risk appetite, risk framework assessment and risk culture assessment.

RISKflo Engage™

Rate nominated risks using pre-defined impact and likelihood scales.


Assesses any nominated list of insurable risks.

RISKflo Profiler™

Enables groups to identify key risks.

Genuine Participation, Credible Results


Credible Risk Assessments

Reduced facilitator and participant bias produce robust assessments

Quicker Setup

Built-in and custom templates reduce workshop and assessment setup requirements

Genuine Participation

Anonymous capture and sharing of views promotes genuine engagement by all attendees

Less Travel

Online collaboration platform lets remote attendees join in and fully participate

Improved Risk Governance

Assessment audit trails provide transparency and accountability

Quicker Assessments

Simultaneous answers provide quicker deep-dives and informed consensus


Structured Questionnaires

Anonymous Environment

Intuitive Interface

Confidence Ratings

Multiple Participants

Multiple Locations

Highly Secure

Audit Trail

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