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For online risk assessment workshops


Create a Workshop

It’s a quick and simple process

Schedule It

Give it a name,
Choose a time,
Select a facilitator

Add Attendees

Add your workshop attendees,
they can be in the same room,
or across the other side of the world

Select Risks to Assess

Choose the risks to assess,
Select from our assessment templates or create your own


That’s it! Your assessments are in place, and you are ready to start your online risk assessment workshop today.

It’s fast and easy to get started

Get up and running with your workshops in minutes

Upload your Data

If you are already using a Risk Management system or any other assessment system, simply upload that data into Riskflo to build your assessment registers, criteria and templates.

Create from Scratch

You can also build your system from scratch, following our step-by-step guide. Quickly and easily add just the features you want.

When you’re ready to delve deeper

Multiple Pools

Your organisation is made up of pools. Each pool is essentially a separate risk register which you can use for separate departments, projects or any other reporting requirement. You can create an unlimited number of pools.

Multiple Scales

The risks are assessed against criteria – you can use single scales, 2D matrices, even 3D cubes. You also have the option to pre-configure question templates or use the one’s already created by the Riskflo experts.

Multiple Assessments

Assessments can be performed on inherent risk, residual risk, even predicted or proposed risk for comparing treatment options.